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I’m passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you.
“All I can say is Wow!”

“I’ve never felt so congruent and ready and focused on what I really want to offer in life and business. I’m ecstatic to work with Kamala again.”

 Mina Bast
Certified Healing Practitioner and Photographer

“I was provided baby steps for my launching journey.”

"I've learned so much, and I was provided baby steps for my launching journey. I will definitely be using the strategies for my next launch!​ It's really nice to have a guide. I don't feel as lost, and when I launch my course, I feel like I will have a better handle on things."

Nicole Alicia Rowley
Founder at English Exams
Cuenca, Ecuador

"The biggest result was actually getting a launch done and out! "

"I had big ideas for launching an online program, but had no idea where to start. Now I understand all that goes into preparing for a successful launch. Not only that, but this helped me know exactly what resources, tools, services, and techniques I needed to make that happen. The biggest result was actually getting a launch done and out! It was something I've wanted to do for a very long time, but I was in the "head in cloud" phase, where I was stressed about a program that did not even exist yet. After this process, I can confidently say that I took that leap of faith, and fulfilled a HUGE business goal."

Selina Marie Almodovar
Wellness Coach
Cleveland, Ohio

"I loved the step-by-step guides"

"I loved the step-by-step guides on how to launch successfully. I refer back to this information regularly!  It was a great guide to help entrepreneurs cross T's and dot I's to ensure an awesome client experience! This is such valuable information! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Sabrina Lawton
Life Adviser

“My experience with Kamala has been nothing short of transformational!”

“Kamala has used her vast knowledge of marketing, coupled with her intuitive abilities, to customize a unique program that has helped me to thrive. From the get-go she has been an excellent listener and has always maintained a professional and respectful attitude toward our work, while still keeping a compassionate, fun connection with me. I am incredibly grateful for her.”

Leah Courage
Certified Health Coach

“Your coaching skills are exquisite…”

“I followed your suggestion of doing the programs, and one of my new clients opted to go for my program! There is something really “restful” and relaxing for both of us to be in the container of the set of sessions…rather than going from one session to the next. You remain on my “list” of support people that I have and will continue to draw on for support. Your coaching skills are exquisite… your support….your presence, your listening, your reflecting.”

Lorna Gail
Somatic Sex Educator
Victoria, BC

I’m looking forward to supporting you to have the freedom to travel AND help more people than you ever have before!

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Kamala Chambers
Launch Strategist & Thriving Launch Podcast Host

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Create and Launch Your Own Course Online! Free Video Training!